2019 Updates

2020 Updates

22 October 2021

Outback Koala Family

18 October 2021

Hopper Kangaroo Family

17 October 2021

Vandyke Otter Family

16 October 2021

Border Collie Family - Japan

30 May 2021

Mr. Webster - The Milkman

Baby Balloon Playhouse

Captain Horatio Sea Dog

2019 Premium Club Freya

2020 Premium Club Caramel Dog Sister

29 May 2021

Whiskers Cat Family

Harvest Norwood Mouse Family

24 May 2021

Housekeeping Set

Baking Day

Vegetable Store

Clock & Piano Set

Waddlington Duck Family

Floral Garden Set

Floral Garden Set - Japan

Monkey Exchange Student Brother

Monkey Exchange Student Sister

Ballerina Friends

Snuggly Sloth Family

Rose Garden Tea Party

Lucas in the Toilet

Urban Life Grey Siamese Cats

Tomato House

Treefellow Owl Family

Meadows Mouse Family

23 May 2021

Waltizing Figures Set

Hoppinset Rabbit Family

Corntop Rabbit Family

Francesca the Fish Fryer & Sonny Barker

The Toymaker's Set

Endeavour's 1st Day - French

Honey Bear Family

Garden Set with Shed

Boutique Fashion Set

Secret Garden

Hamburger Wagon

Fashion Showcase

Father at Home

Mother at Home

Chocolate Rabbit Brother Set


Ice Skating Friends

Ice Skating Friends - Calico Critters

16 May 2021

School Sports Day

Hoppin' Easter Set

Bus Driver & Conductor

Carrie & Danny's Carousel

Marmalade Wedding Set

Sweetwater Wedding Couple

Windward Wedding Couple

Grey Rabbit Family

15 May 2021

Telephone Box

Flower Cart

Dinner Lady & Lollipop Man

Village Store Owners

School Watching Set

Beekeeper & Beehive

Farmyard Accessories

Washing Day

Washing Day - Clothes Line

Washing Machine & Vacuum

Home Interiors Set

Lights & Curtain Set

Lighting & Curtains Set

Hook a Duck

Doughnut Shop

Restaurant Party

Cake Shop

Seaside Treasures

Desk Set

Arm Chairs

Chocolate Lounge

Birthday Party

Street Lamp

Ice Cream Van Driver & Seller

Willow & Carly at the Horse Show

Willow & Carly's First Horse Show

Evie's Sleepover

Town Street Lamp

Baby Ferris Wheel

Cake Decorating Set

Cuckoo Clock

Home Sweet Home Kitchen

Handicraft Shop

Corntop Brother

Corntop Sister

Hoppinset Father

Ice Cream Van

Food Court

Food Trolley

Sylvanian Royal Telephone Set

14 May 2021

Jeremy Honey Bear

Lucy Honey Bear

Yellow Labrador Family

Yellow Labrador Family of 3

Country Kitchen

Rolltop Desk

Popcorn Cart


Baby Airplane Ride

Nursery Play

Elsie's Ice Cream

Village Shoe Shop

Guardian Bear

Seaside Camping Set

Seaside Camping Set - CC

Farm Shop

Doughnut Store

Sewing Shop

Dolly's Candy Floss

Seaside Birthday Party

Birthday Cake

Dressing Area

Sweet Buffet

Stew Shop

Deluxe TV Set

12 May 2021

Beverley Goes to School

Lion Christmas Set

Timbertop Dancin' Performer Sister

Babblebrook Dancin' Performer Brother

11 May 2021

Soft Serve Ice Cream Shop

Ermine Twins

Catwood Baby

Wall Lamps & Curtains Set

Waitress Set

Dessert Counter

10 May 2021

Baby Choo-Choo Train

Brown Dog Family

Fruit Wagon

Candy Wagon

9 May 2021

Ermine Father

Ermine Mother

Ermine Brother

Ermine Sister

Outback Koalas

Marmalade Father

Nanny Timbertop & Baby Timothy

Wash Day

Christmas Set

Christmas Party

Cosmetic Counter

Marjorie's Gymnastics Lesson

Devon Cats - 2009

Devon Cats - 2016

Stable Lad

4 May 2021

Wedding Furniture Set

Wedding Cake & Accessories

Maces Mouse Grandfather

Maces Mouse Grandmother


Wooden Box of Cookies

Springer Kangaroo Family

Plush Honey Fox Sister

Kangaroo Family

de Burg Penguin Family

29 March 2021

Carry Case


Lunch Box

Canoe with Martha Mulberry

School Play

28 March 2021

Bench & Fountain

27 March 2021

Bathroom Set with Elephant

Dining Room with Sunny Rabbit

Kangaroo Family - Japan

Day at the Seaside

Giant Picture Card Games

CC School Friends

26 April 2021

Kids Bedroom Set

Baby Room Set

Bullrush Frog Brother

Bullrush Frog Sister

Living Room with Floral Cat

17 March 2021

Ride Along Tram

Roof Rack & Picnic


Pupil Set

Floral Cat Family

13 March 2021

Family Cruising Car

Whiskers Cat Family

Humbert Huntington

Hanna Huntington

Plush Petite Bear

Cupboard and Microwave

Musical Instruments

Sainsbury's Grocery Shop

Scarlett Slydale

Polly & Holly's Winter Fun

Ivory Rabbit Family

Ivory Rabbit Brother

Ivory Rabbit Father

Ivory Rabbit Mother

Ivory Rabbit Grandfather

Halloween Party

12 March 2021

Kitchen Cupboard

Huntington Bear Family

Otto Huntington Bear Father

Miles Huntington Bear Brother

Frederick Huntington Bear Baby

11 March 2021

Baby Sleigh Ride

Happy Christmas 2015

Baby Trick or Treaters

Piano and Desk Set

Teak Cat Fashion Play Set

Tuxedo Cat Fashion Play Set

Holland and Scotland

Norwood Mother

Halloween Party

Arm Chair Set

Waters Beaver Family

Garden Hammock

Three Sided Mirror & Vanity

School Music Lesson

Sylvaian Games Athletics

10 March 2021

Sylvanian Games Show Jumping

Sofa Set

Three Little Pigs Set

Grunt Pig Family

Grunt Pig Triplets

Stella Hopscotch

Cakebread Toy Poodle Baby

Sylvanian Games Gymnastics

Cottontail Rabbit Twins

Outback Koala Family

Billabong Koala Family

Tea & Treats Set

Bramble Hedgehog Baby

Grand Piano Concert

Oliver's First Bicycle

Green Cupboard

School Nurse

Girls Swimwear

1 March 2021

Osborne Bear Family

Osborne Bear Baby - Orange

Osborne Bear Baby - Teal

Osborne Bear Twins

Celebration Wildwood Rabbits

Grandmother Flora Wildwood

Grandfather Smokey Wildwood

Meadows Mouse Twins

Friesian Cow Twins

Toy Fair Hopscotch Baby

Storytelling Wildwood Rabbit Father

Storytelling Timbertop Father

Persis Cat Baby

Persis Cat Twins

Teak Cat Twins

Teak Cat Baby

Solitaire Cat Mother

Solitaire Cat Brother

Hawthorne Hamster Family

27 February 2021

Grandmother Fern Timbertop

McBurrows Mole Family

Babblebrook Rabbit Baby - Pink

Babblebrook Brother - Dutch Version

Stylish Dining Room

Rowena Moss Deer Mother

Macavity Cat Grandfather

Macavity Cat Grandmother

Stroll n Sleep Set

Row Boat

Evergreen Bear Baby - Pink

CC Cute Couple

CC Dress Up Duo

CC Laura Toy Poodle

Paramedic & Patient

CC Dandelion Rabbit Twins

CC Dalmatian Twins

Blue Bouquet Skunk Baby

Pink Bouquet Skunk Baby

Pink Chocolate Rabbit Baby

Forrester Dog Family

25 February 2021

Flair McBurrows Family

Patio Furniture & Barbecue

Green Vintage Car

Goldbacke Hamster Twins

Fluffy Hamster Twins

24 February 2021

Pettyfur Guinea Pig Family

Celebration Macavity Family

Rosie's Row Boat

2019 JP McBurrows Moles

Walnut Squirrel Family

Maces Mouse Family

Sea Breeze Rabbit Family

Pookie Panda Family

Cute Couple (Exhibition)

23 February 2021

Ellwoods Elephant Twins

Doughty Chiffon Baby

Honey Bear Twins

Keats Cat Twins

Hamilton Hamster Baby - Blue

22 February 2021

Epoch Kennelworth Family

Flair Kennelworth Family

Flair Silk Cat Family

Epoch Silk Cat Family

Fletcher Border Collies

Persian Cat Family

21 February 2021

PC Bobby Roberts & Police Box

Spotter Meerkat Family

Woodbrook Beaver Family

Snow-Warren Rabbit Family

Puddleford Duck Family

Wildwood Rabbit Family

Benjamin Underwood Badger Father

Beatrix Underwood Badger Mother

Byron Underwood Badger Brother

Bess Underwood Badger Sister

Girls Bedroom

Anniversary Cupboard

Wooden Interior House

GiG Evergreen Grandfather

GiG Evergreen Older Brother

Milky Mouse Family

Wilder Panda Family

Dalmatian Family

Underwood Badger Family

Logan Evergreen

Summer Evergreen

20 February 2021

Chihuahua Family

Marshmallow Triplets

Hound Dog Twins

Border Collie Family

Border Collie Twins

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents

Underwood Badger Baby in Blue

Underwood Badger Baby in Pink

Hazelnut Chipmunk Family

Hazelnut Family - Alternate

19 February 2021

Cottontail Baby - Pink

Cottontail Baby - Blue

McWalkies Twins

Heather Thistlethorn

Thistlethorn Baby - Flair

18 February 2021

Woodbrook Beavers

Marmalade Bear Family

Marmalade Bear Twins

Hopscotch Grandparents

Marshmallow Triplets

JP Hedgehog Baby

JP Hedgehog Father

JP Hedgehog Mother

JP Hedgehog Brother

JP Hedgehog Sister

11 February 2021

Wildflower Rabbits

Treefellow Owls - Flair

Buck Moss Deer Brother

Midnight Cat Family - JP

Marshmallow Mouse Family - UK

10 February 2021

Milky Mouse Twins

Red Panda Family

Chocolate Labrador Family

Puddleford Duck Family

McWalkies Terriers

9 February 2021

Blue Chestnut Baby

Pink Chestnut Baby

Hoss Chestnut

Grover Chestnut

Pansy Chestnut

Durwood Chestnut

8 February 2021

Patrick Petite Bear

Margaret Petite Bear

Hollie Wildwood Rabbit

Douglas Furbanks

7 February 2021

Vandyke Otter Father

Vandyke Otter Mother

Vandyke Otter Brother

Vandyke Otter Sister

6 February 2021

Sandy or Coral Babblebrook

Crystal Babblebrook

Sandy Babblebrook

Coral Babblebrook

Pearl Babblebrook

Cliff Babblebrook

4 February 2021

Sparkle Rabbit Family

Beaufort Polar Bear Family

Beaufort Polar Bear Twins

Porridge Bear Family

Cameron Moss Deer Father

Moss Reindeer Family

3 February 2021

Bamboo Panda Family - Flair

Bramble Hedgehogs - Tomy

Henry-Lloyd Dalmatian Family

Henry-Lloyd Dalmatian Twins

Persis Cat Family (CC)

2 February 2021

Dappledawn Rabbit Family (Tomy)

Fisher Cat Family (CC)

Fisher Cat Twins (CC)

Chestnut Raccoons (US)

Hopper Kangaroos

1 February 2021

Mulberry Raccoon Family (CC)

Truffle Boar Family (Italy)