2019 Updates

19 November 2020

Ellwoods Elephant Family

Ellwoods Elephant Twins

Silk Cat Family

Pickleweeds Twins

Furbanks Squirrels

18 November 2020

Flair Marmalade Bears

Crystal Babblebrook - CC

Ivy Timbertop

Birch Timbertop

Bubba Babblebrook - CC

Children's Bedroom Set

Chester Thistlethorn

Canoe Set

Classic Brown Stove & Sink

Classic Brown Table

Wildwood Rabbit Father

Wildwood Rabbit Mother

Wildwood Rabbit Brother

Wildwood Rabbit Sister

Wildwood Rabbit Baby

Grandfather Clock

15 November 2020

Violin Concert

Clarence Snow-Warren

Lucky Snow-Warren

13 November 2020

Nancy Waters

Chocolate Rabbit Sister

Seven Seater Van

Milk Rabbits

Chocolate Rabbit Baby

Green Bunk Beds

Pizza Delivery Set

Pizza Delivery Set - CC

12 November 2020

Barry Thistlethorn

Prissy Thistlethorn

Willow Thistlethorn

Bucky Waters

Wedding Car

Buster Slydale

Velvette Slydale

Lester Thistlethorn

Light Blue & Yellow Dress Up Set

Kozy Kitchen

GiG Evergreen Grandmother

GiG Evergreen Mother

11 November 2020

2017 JP Television

10 November 2020

Bearbury Bear Twins

Candy Bag

7 November 2020

McBurrows Mole Baby

Marshmallow Baby

4 November 2020

Renard Fox Family

Renard Fox Baby - Blue

Renard Fox Baby - Pink

4 November 2020

White Cat Father

White Cat Mother

White Cat Brother

White Cat Sister

White Cat Baby - Blue

White Cat baby - Pink

3 November 2020

Fluffy Hamster Family (CC, IP)

Buckley Deer Family (CC, IP)

Chocolate Rabbit Father

Chocolate Rabbit Mother

Chocolate Rabbit Brother

Chocolate Rabbit Sister

Wedding Car

Rocking Horse

Bluebird Mug

Rocky Babblebrook

2 November 2020

Lavender & Aqua Dress Up Set

Children's Playtime Furniture

Children's Bedroom Furniture

Lunch Set

Pizza Parlour

Sofa & Chair Set

Country Living Room

Chihuahua Family

Bud Timbertop

Caramel Dog Family (CC)

Dentist Set

30 October 2020

JP Timbertop Grandfather

JP Timbertop Grandmother

JP Timbertop Father

JP Timbertop Mother

JP Timbertop Older Brother

JP Timbertop Brother

JP Timbertop Sister

Old Fashioned Family Room

29 October 2020

Tomy McBurrows Moles

Tomy Billabong Koalas

Tomy Bullrush Frog Mother

Tomy Bullrush Frog Father

Thistlethorn Mouse Family

Spotter Meerkat Grandparents

JP Mole Parent in Green

JP Mole Parent in Yellow

JP Mole Child in Blue

JP Mole Child in Red

26 October 2020

Beaman Ginger Cat Family

Maces Mouse Twins

Trunk Elephant Family

Treefellow Owl Father

Treefellow Owl Mother

Plume Owl Family

McBurrows at the Seashore Puzzle

McBurrows Mole Family

25 October 2020

JP Milk Rabbits

Forrester Dog Mother

Bubba Babblebrook (UK)

Breezy Babblebrook (UK)

2019 UK Exclusive Chocolates

2019 JP Exclusive Chocolates

JP Polar Bear Family

Memory Time Corner Cupboard

24 October 2020

UK Teak Cats

Refrigerator Set

Scrumptious Sandwich Set

23 October 2020

Koala Family - Japan

Babies at Home

Memory Time Cabin

Color Pencils

Country Bathroom Set

Country Flower Shop

Anniversary Evergreen Mother

Calico Critter Buckley Deer Family

22 October 2020

Dream Project Owls

EU Whiskers Cat Twins

20 October 2020

Five Great Adventures

Master Bathroom

Fridge & Accessories

19 October 2020

Luxury Brass Bed

Luxury Master Bedroom Set

Luxury Living Room Set

EU Walnut Squirrel Family

18 October 2020

Copper Pots & Pans

12 January 2020

Calico Critters Birthday Party Kit

Bakery Puzzle

Calico Critters Yellow Lab Family

Calico Critters Yellow Lab Twins

Caramel Dogs -UK

Calico Critters Polar Bears

Kindergarten Class

11 January 2020

Silk Cat Family - Japan

Walnut Squirrel Family - Japan

Chocolate Rabbit Family - Japan

Pickleweeds Hedgehogs - IP

Friesian Cow Family

Oinks Pig Family

Outback Koala Family of 3 (CC)

2019 Premium UK Figure Maple Cat

7 January 2020

Pia Mook

Antonia's Gymkhana

Trunk Elephant Baby

Katie Kitty Ballerina

Urban Life Duck Baby Carry Case

5 January 2020

Farmhouse Accessories

Kitchen Grill Set - Red

Kitchen Grill Set - Yellow

Relaxing Family Garden

Garden Set

Chocolate Rabbit Chef & Waitress

Sylvanian Kitchen Menu Item #1

Sylvanian Kitchen Menu Item #12


Dream Project Plush

4 January 2020

Nursery Friends

Malcolms Games Lesson

Maypole & Dancers

Tea & Treats Set

Farm Tools

3 January 2020

Easy Buy Bear Family

Easy Buy Bear Family (China)

Spotty & Stella's Swimming Adventure

Chocolate Rabbit Keychain

2 January 2020

US & Spain

Hawaii & Mexico

1 January 2020

The McFarlanes New Arrival