30 December 2019

Lopez Chihuahua Baby

Lopez Chihuahua Twins

29 December 2019

Dancin' Peformers Timbertop

World Parade - UK & Brazil


28 December 2019

Honey Fox Family

Honey Fox Baby in Blue

Honey Fox Baby in Pink

Spotter Meerkat Triplets

Irish Post Office

Robinson Red Pandas - Flair

Clip and Pin

Sheep Baby Carry Case

Tuxedo Cat Baby Carry Case

Timbertop Gift Dome

A Big Cheer for Cloverleaf Corners

Kennelworth Dalmatian Baby

27 December 2019

Dandelion Twins

Dandelion Butterglove Carry Case

Charcoal Cats

Persian Cats - Calico Critters

Truffle Boar Twins - Calico Critters

Hopscotch Rabbit Grandparents

Penguin Triplets - Calico Critters

Chocolate Grandparents - 2015

Pickleweeds Hedgehogs - Epoch

Happy Wedding 2019

Truffle Boar Family

Sunnybrook Spaniel Family

26 December 2019

Hazelnut Dormouse Baby

Hazelnut Dormouse Twins

Robinson Red Panda Family of 3

Red Panda Family - Calico Critters

Dappledawn Rabbit Baby in Blue

Dappledawn Rabbit Baby in Pink

Flair Dappledawn Rabbit Family

Happy Wedding

Norwood Mouse Brother

25 December 2019

Caramel Dog Family

Slydale Baby in Pink

Slick Slydale - Gold Tail

Slydale Baby in Blue

Bamboo Baby in Red

Bamboo Baby in Yellow

17 December 2019

Slydale Foxes - Tomy, US

Garden Rabbit Sister

Forrester Dog Father

Forrester Dog Sister

Blooming Flower Shop

Caroline Cottontail Bride

Exchange Student - Panda Sister

Exchange Student - Panda Brother

Recommended Furniture - 2019

Blue Bathroom Set

Limited Edition Light Up Furniture Set

16 December 2019

Marmalade Grandfather

Marmalade Grandmother

13 December 2019

Mulberry Raccoon Sister

Mulberry Raccoon Mother

Mulberry Raccoon Father

Mulberry Raccoon Brother

Pink Mulberry Baby

Blue Mulberry Baby

10 December 2019

Soyokaze Cat Sister

Pink Hamilton Hamster Baby

Norwood Mouse Father

Norwood Mouse Mother

8 December 2019

Polar Bear Family

7 December 2019

Blue Bramble Hedgehog Baby

Pink Bramble Hedgehog Baby

Mushroom Babies

Animal Mascot Babies

5 December 2019

Hawthorn Mouse Baby

Sugar Bear Family

Sugar Bear Twins

Seabreeze Rabbits

Britney's Ballet Recital

Bramble Hedgehog Twins

4 December 2019

Hawthorn Mouse Twins (Flair)

Hawthorn Mouse Twins (Epoch)

3 December 2019

Cottontail Baby (Epoch)

Fruit Babies

2 December 2019

Petite Bear Family (CC)

Alarm Clock

Banana Babies

Prince & Princesses

24 November 2019

Sheep Sister with Kitchen Set

World Parade - Russia & China

World Parade - Spain & Arabia

22 November 2019

Cottontail Baby with Mini Cottage

Milk Rabbit Baby with Mini House

Mulberry Raccoon with Mini House

21 November 2019

The Dingle's New Arrival

Sheep Family

Sheep Baby

20 November 2019

Fellini Wedding Cats

The Devon's New Arrival

19 November 2019

Willow Hall Puzzle

Country Bus Puzzle

Wilder Panda Family

Wilder Panda Twins

18 November 2019

Dresser Box

Hopscotch Rabbit Family

17 November 2019

Halloween Playhouse (US)

Winners Set

16 November 2019

Sunny Rabbit Family

Gingerbread Playhouse (US)

14 October 2019

Cello Concert

Cake Car

Luxury Armchair

Town Sign

Calico Critters TRU Display Sign

13 October 2019

Woolly Alpaca (Calico Critters)

Flair Chocolate Labrador Twins

Flair Chocolate Labrador Baby

2018 UK Club Tiffany Silk Cat

Town Chocolate Rabbit Baby - Purple

3 October 2019

Evergreen / Sweetwater Puzzle

18 September 2019

Taylor Timbertop

17 September 2019

Spice Rack

14 September 2019

Hazelnut Dormouse Family

Hawthorn Mouse Family

13 September 2019

Norwood Mouse Family

11 September 2019

Grand Piano Concert

10 September 2019

Laura Cakebread

08 September 2019

Chocolate Rabbit Baby

Chocolate Rabbit Father Set

Chocolate Rabbit Mother Set

Cottontail Rabbit Grandparents

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents

Elephant Family

Marshmallow Mouse Family

Underwood Badger Family

Cottontail Rabbit Baby

Slydale Fox Family

Basil & Suzette (Tomy)

Basil & Suzette (Flair)

07 September 2019

Tomy Washing Machine

Flair Washing Machine

Epoch Washing Machine

Cottage Hospital

05 September 2019

Lambrook Sheep Twins

Wildwood Rabbit Grandparents

Gingerbread Playhouse

04 September 2019

Light Up Street Lamp

Urban Life Florist Cart

Flower Gifts Playset

Flair Periwinkle Rabbits

Stephanie Marshmallow Mouse

03 September 2019

Creamy Gelato Shop

Urban Life Telephone Box

Flushing Toilet Set

02 September 2019

Pre-Flock Figures

Shopping Bind Bags

Bamboo Panda Family

Yellow Labrador Family

Fenton Yellow Labradors - 3 Figures

30 August 2019

Evergreen Baby

Jeans and Tshirt

29 August 2019

Supermarket Owners

Outback Koalas (3 Figure)

Darwin Monkeys (3 Figure)

28 August 2019

Splashy Otter Family (CC)


21 August 2019

Blue Dress Snowbunny Bride

Cute Dress Girls

19 August 2019

Radio & Camera

18 August 2019

Miranda Maple Cat

Marshmallow Mouse Snow Princess

Lulu Golightly Silk Cat

Classic Brown Writing Desk

Classic Brown Television & Telephone

Classic Brown Living Room

17 August 2019

Chestnut Raccoons

Periwinkle Rabbit Grandparents

EU Bramble Hedgehog Family

Sky Ride Bag

Luxury Bed

5 August 2019

Burl Timbertop

Telephone Box

Bouquet Skunks - Tomy

30 July 2019

Designer Studio

Baby Tree House

Blue & Green Dress Up Set

Purple & Pink Dress Up Set

Navy & Light Blue Dress Up Set

29 July 2019

Sweet Raspberry Home

Sewing Box

Wedding Puzzle

28 July 2019

Gourmet Kitchen Set

Mother at Home

Chic Dining Table Set

Lopez Chihuahua Family

First Aid Kit Box

Town Girls - Stella Chocolate

Cliff Babblebrook Story Book & Figure

27 July 2019

Buttercup Cat Family

Chocolate Rabbit Family (Flair)

Nutmeg the Pony

Cute Couple (Japan)

Dress Up Duo

Evergreen Bear Father (20th Anniversary)

26 July 2019

Grandfather at Home

Grandmother at Home

21 July 2019

Comfy Living Room

Timbertop Bears (Calico Critters)

Archive Blanket

Archive Tin

Caramel Cat Family

Caramel Cat Twins

Archive Notepad

11 July 2019

Norwood Mouse Twins

10 July 2019

Endeavour's First Day in Class

27 June 2019

20th Anniversary Beagles


Classic Brown Bed & Chest

Babblebrook & Timbertop Fathers Puzzle

Town Candy Bag

24 June 2019

Fashion Show Puzzle

Archive Puzzle

Letter Set - Pink

Letter Set - Beige

23 June 2019

Bullrush Frog Family (CC)

Bullrush Frog Twins (CC)

Father Christmas Gift Set

Stamp Pad - Blue

Stamp Pad - Pink

The Big Adventure DVD

School Field Trip

Fisher Cat Grandparents

Lovely Dress Chocolate Rabbit

Funtime Treehouse

22 June 2019

Thistlethorn Mouse Father (GiG)

Pigglywink Pig Family

Strawberry the Foal (Flair)

Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family of 3

Kitchen Set (Japan, 2019)

21 June 2019

Freya Tote Bag

30 cm Freya

Lambrook Sheep Family

Fluffy Hamster Family

Father at Home

Kitchen Play Set

Wooly Alpaca Family

Archive Exhibition Guide Book

Archive Exhibition Tote Bag

Living Room Set (Japan, 2019)

19 June 2019

Cute Couple

Chocolate Rabbit Family of 3

Classic Brown Cupboard

Babblebrook Grandfather (GiG)

Babblebrook Brother (GiG)

18 June 2019

Dream Project Ducks

Splashy Otter Family (UK)

31 May 2019

Walnut Squirrel Baby

Walnut Squirrel Twins

Evergreen Bear Family (Flair)

Girl's Dressing Table

29 May 2019

Cuddle Bear Twins

28 May 2019

Silk Cat Baby Carry Case

Hazelnut Chipmunk Family

Hazelnut Chipmunk Twins

Apple & Jake's Ride 'n Play

Baby Friends

27 May 2019

Halloween House

Baby Pool & Sandbox

Beagle Family (CC)

Vegetable Garden

Snowbunny Bride

Beagle Baby Carry Case

Buckley Deer Baby Carry Case

Fiona & Ivy, Friends Forever

Farm Vegetable Patch

Patty & Paden's Double Stroller Set

Patty & Paden's Double Stroller (Green Box)

Professor Butterglove

Wedding Photographer

Meadows Mouse Baby Carry Case

Chocolate Rabbit Christmas Tree Baby

26 May 2019

Cottontail Rabbit Family (CC)

Celebration Beagle Family

Dale Sheep Family

The New Arrival

Dale Sheep Twins

25 May 2019

Hopper Kangaroo Family

Garden Barbecue Set

Epoch 50th Anniversary Chocolate Rabbits

Waddlington Duck Family

Hunter-Smyth Chocolate Labradors

Chocolate Labradors (CC)

Chocolate Labrador Triplets (CC)

Cake Shop Capsules

Forest Bakery Capsules


24 May 2019

Neptune Sea Otter Family

Dark Teardrop Bear Twins

Cottontail Rabbit Grandfather

Cottontail Rabbit Grandmother

Beauty the Foal

22 May 2019

Let's Play Playpen

Ornate Garden Table & Chairs

Recommended Furniture

Melissa & Melody's Baby Bath Time

Christian's Bedtime Set

Melanie & Sparky Have a Play Date

Strawberry the Foal

Macavity Cat Grandparents (Millenium)

21 May 2019

Playground Set

Sylvanian Garden

Kitchen Cookware Set

Nursery Picnic

Nursery Playground Swing Set

20 May 2019

Beach Picnic

Chocolate Rabbit Twins

Garden Decoration Set

Woodland Picnic

19 May 2019

Maple Cat Twins

Maple Cat Baby

Fielding Field Mouse Baby

Cakebread Toy Poodle Twins

Keats Cream Cat Grandparents

18 May 2019

Ballroom Set

School Friends

School Pupils

School Play

Music Lesson Set

Dream Project Performers

17 May 2019

Country Dentist

Darwin Monkey Baby

Darwin Monkey Twins

Buttercup Cow Twins

Goldbacke Hamster Baby

16 May 2019

Country Nurse Set

Doctor Checkup Set

14 May 2019

Kitchen Unit

Kitchen & Living Room Collection

Mango Monkey Family

Giant Cottontail Rabbits

Forest Monkey Family

13 May 2019

Doctor with Bike

Doctor Murdoch

Sandy Cat Family (CC)

Sandy Cat Twins (CC)

Hopscotch Rabbit Twins

12 May 2019

Maple Cat Family (CC)

Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Triplets

Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family (CC)

Bridesmaids Set

Billabong Koala Family (CC)

11 May 2019

Hamilton Hamster Family

Grocery Shopping

Bunk Beds (2017, Japan)

Ice Skating Duo

Maple Cat Family

10 May 2019

Hopscotch Rabbit Variation

Tuxedo Cats (CC, Variation)

Beach Fun & Games

Cakebread Toy Poodles (Calico Critters)

Cottontail Rabbit Family

9 May 2019

Butterglove Wedding Couple

8 May 2019

Doughty Chiffon Dog Family

Fenton Yellow Labrador Family

Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Baby (Blue)

Plush Furbanks Mother & Baby

Brother at Home

6 May 2019

Plush Lauren Fisher Cat

Persis Persian Cat Family

Harvey Grey Cat Twins

Honey Bear Family

Maces Mouse Grandparents

School Lunch Set

Sweetpea Rabbit Family

Wastepaper Bin

5 May 2019

Periwinkle Milk Rabbit Family

Sandy Striped Cat Family

School Music Set

Seaside Friends

Marlowe Tuxedo Cat Family

Osborne Bear Family

Polaris Polar Bear Family

Character Bag

Cuddle Bear Family

4 May 2019

Calbee Bear Mother & Baby

Calbee Bear Father & Daughter

Calbee Brother & Vegetable Patch

Calico Critters Silk Cat Family

Hopscotch Rabbit Family

3 May 2019

Baden & Mikaela's Camping Set

Ballet Lesson

Bikes & Picnic Set

Fielding Field Mouse Family

School & Picnic Set

1 May 2019

We Love Sylvanian Families Book & Milk Rabbit

Winter Sports Fun

Babblebrooks' New Arrival

Chocolate Rabbit Sister Set

Chocolate Rabbit Family Dinner Puzzle

30 April 2019

School Toilets


Day Trip Accessory Set

Deluxe Kitchen Set (Tan and Pink Box)

Deluxe Kitchen Set (green and pink)

29 April 2019

Fountain of Wishes

Glico Aunt Claire

Dinner Party Set

Epoch 60th Anniversary Chocolate Rabbit

Hoppily Ever After DVD

28 April 2019

Accessory Set

Angeles' Bedtime

Motorcycle & Sidecar

Orange Nursery Uniform

Chocolate Rabbit Baby - Yellow School Uniform

27 April 2019

Sister at Home

Walnut Squirrels - 3 Set

Trinket Box

Chocolate Rabbit Baby Set

26 April 2019

Otter Family (2018, Japan)

Connor & Kerri's Carriage Ride

Deluxe Bathroom Set

Outdoor Sports Fun

Grandma's Coffee Break

Barker Golden Labrador Family

25 April 2019

Brown Mouse Family

Maple Dog Family

Maple Dog Baby

Luxury Loo

Luxury Toilet

Play / Dinner Tray

Music Box

Small Bathroom Set

Kitchen Cooking Set

24 April 2019

Deer Family

Deer Baby

Living Room Suite

23 April 2019

2017 UK Premium Club Freya

2018 UK Premium Club Freya

2017 UK Premium Club Melinda Cakebread

22 April 2019

Furbanks Squirrels (Flair)

Hazel & Rhianna's Day Out

Breakfast Set

Sleeping Soundly Wind-Up Bed

Whiskers Cat Twins

Playtime with Father

Petite Bear Twins

Giant Taylor Timbertop

21 April 2019

Lettuce Snow-Warren

Family Room with Aquarium

Refrigerator (Tomy)

P.C. Bobby Roberts (Tomy)

Fisher Cat Family

Gray Cat Family

Ocher Rabbit Family

Woody House

Ocher Rabbit Baby

Pig Family

20 April 2019

Rocky Babblebrook (Calico Critters)

Celebration Underwood Badgers

Hopkins Champagne Rabbit Family

Cherrie's Day at the Seaside

Buttercup Friesian Cow Grandparents

Brightfield Goat Family

Bearbury Bear Grandparents

Breezy Babblebrook (Calico Critters)

Cakebread Toy Poodle Family

Maces Mouse Family

19 April 2019

DePembroke Corgi Family

18 April 2019

Board Game

6 April 2019

Chocolate Rabbit Grandparents (2012)

Bento Box

Deluxe Living Room

Daisy Timbertop

Buckley Deer Baby

Buckley Deer Twins

5 April 2019

Garden Rabbit Family

Drawing Room Set

Conservatory Living Room Set

4 April 2019

Flower Garden Puzzle

Ellwoods Elephants

3 April 2019

Babblebrook Rabbits (Tomy, US)

Waters Beaver Twins

Evergreen Bear Grandparents (Japan)

Pigglywink Pig Twins

Buckley Red Deer Family

Kirin X Sylvanian Families Dessert Molds

Rose Timbertop

Roxy Renard's Home Interior Set

Celebration Timbertop Bears

Waddington's Card Game

2 April 2019

Oven & Rack

Rustic Kitchen

Toaster & Cupboard

Dining Room Furniture

Parent's Bedroom Set


Village Postman

Sleep 'n Study Bedroom

Bedroom Furniture Set

Loft Bed

Floral Bedroom

Oven & Sink

1 April 2019

Luxury Four Poster Bed

30th Anniversary Playing Cards

Chocolate Rabbit Family Puzzle

Sylvanian Families with Bernard Cribbins DVD

Evergreen Grey Bear Family (Tomy)

31 March 2019

Stove & Sink (2017, Japan)

Dining Table (2017, Japan)

Delicious Breakfast

Kitchen Island


30 March 2019

Babblebrook Beavers

Lavender Rabbits

Keats Cream Cats

Petite Little Bears

Alpaca Family (JP)

Five Door Refrigerator

Kirin X Sylvanian Families Bowls

28 March 2019

Dining Set (Tomy)

Country Kitchen (Tomy)

Bunk Beds (Calico Critters)

Homemade Pancakes


27 March 2019

Chocolate Rabbit Family (Epoch)

Dappleawn Fawn Rabbit Family (Epoch)

26 March 2019

Sewing with Mother

Whiskers Cat Grandparents

Walnut Squirrel Family

Goldbacke Hamster Family

Cycling with Mother

23 March 2019

Huckleberry Hound Dogs

Buttercup Friesian Cows

Darwin Monkey Family

Hawthorn White Mouse Family

Bouquet Skunk Family

22 March 2019

Eric Renard's Playground Set

Cycling Adventure

Dream Project Mole Family

Bramble Hedgehog Family

21 March 2019

Harvey Grey Cats (Epoch)

Celebration Babblebrook Rabbits

Timbertop Bears (USA, Tomy)

Waters Beavers (USA, Tomy)

Wildwood Rabbits (USA, Tomy)

20 March 2019

Evergreen Grandparents (Flair)

Furbanks Squirrels (Tomy)